Director Hong Myung-bo ‘Ulsan baton 3 more years’

Ulsan Hyundai, which has booked a second consecutive championship in professional soccer, is looking forward to building a new dynasty by renewing a long-term contract with the manager.

Ulsan announced on the 2nd that it had extended the contract with manager Hong Myung-bo (54, photo) until 2026. Ulsan did not disclose specific terms of the contract, but it is known that it guaranteed a total of 3 billion won over three years.

Ulsan’s shout of “three more years” to coach Hong as the best treatment for a Korean coach in the K League 1 is interpreted as a will to keep the top spot in professional soccer.

Coach Hong, who took the helm of Ulsan in 2021, is a leader who has proven his worth. Last year, in the second year of his appointment, Ulsan won the K-League 1 championship for the first time in 17 years. Even just before that, Ulsan suffered from the ‘autumn trauma’ of not being able to cross the championship threshold every year. The number of runner-ups reached 10, the highest in the K-League 1.

However, under the guidance of coach Hong, they lifted their 3rd championship cup, and this year, as of this day, they are running an overwhelming lead beating the current 2nd place by 12 points. If the atmosphere is like now, Ulsan’s second year in a row is a matter of course.

An official from Ulsan said, “I tried to treat the coach in line with the performance he showed,” and said, “We are preparing for the future with the goal of becoming a dynasty that overwhelms Asia beyond the best name in professional football.” He added, “With the goal being the first two-game losing streak in the club’s history, this extension will be a new motivation in the second half.”

Director Hong also has a strong will to contribute to the construction of the Ulsan Dynasty. As he has to hold on to the top for a long period of time, he decided to lay the foundation for nurturing players that fit Ulsan’s unique football philosophy.메이저사이트

Coach Hong said, “There is a limit to the way to bring in players by spending a lot of money, and I don’t even want it.” I believe that is the direction both the club and the fans want.”

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