Strong protest…KBO warns SSG Kim Won-hyung over his actions

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has issued a warning to SSG manager Kim Won-hyung, who was ejected from yesterday’s game.

Kim Won-hyung was ejected from the SSG-KT game at Suwon Stadium on February 2 for using foul language and protesting harshly against the umpire after complaining about a ball-strike call (check swing) in the eighth inning. Even after being ejected, he continued to protest the umpire and expressed his dissatisfaction in the dugout.메이저사이트

The KBO issued a warning to Kim Won-hyung in accordance with Article 1 of the league’s Penalty Regulations. If there is a recurrence of behavior that hinders the smooth operation of the game in the future, such as in this case, it will be severely punished.

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