‘Bat-throwing, helmet-throwing’ Austin complains about S Zone call, ejects…and why he’s furious

LG foreign hitter Austin was ejected for roughly protesting an umpire’s call on a ball. It was his first ejection of the season.

Austin was batting fourth in the lineup against Kiwoom at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Nov. 11.

The game was tied 3-3 in the bottom of the sixth inning. Austin led off with a walk. The first pitch was called an outside strike, and the second pitch was called an outside strike. It looked a little far for a right-handed hitter. The third pitch was a ball, and the fourth was a fastball up and away.

Austin then threw his bat in the air, took off his helmet and threw it on the ground in a wild protest to the Song umpire. Frustration filled the air. Head coach Kim Jung-jun rushed over to stop him, but umpire Song Soo-geun called Austin out.

Even after the ejection, Austin continued to express his emotions and went into the dugout. Coach Yeom Kyung-yup then came out and explained the situation to the umpires.

After the situation was cleared up, the umpires explained that “Austin was ejected because he protested the continuous judgment of the strike ball.” The LG fans booed the umpires.

Austin’s frustration with the call began in the first inning. He was surprised to see a first-pitch, body strike called, and looked to the umpire in disappointment. Two pitches later, on a three-pitch at-bat with runners on first and second, he grounded out to the third baseman.

Prior to Austin’s protest, Keum’s batters were also unhappy with the call in the top of the sixth. With the score tied 3-3 and runners on first and third, Kim was hit by a low five-pitch fastball on a three-ball one-strike count. He then struck out.메이저사이트

With runners on first and third, Lee was hit by an outside slider on a full count, and he didn’t leave the batter’s box for a moment as if he wasn’t convinced of the strike call. On the TV replays, the ball appeared to be out of the strike zone.

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