Man City in talks to sign replacement for ‘traveling star’

Manchester City are reportedly in talks with Stade Rennes to sign Jeremy Dokou.

Global sports outlet ESPN reports, “City are in talks to sign Rennes striker Dokou, according to sources. Currently, Rennes want 45 million pounds (about $76 billion) for Dokou, and City are willing to spend the transfer fee to sign him, but they have differences with Rennes.”

Dokou is a winger whose strength is off the dribble. His pace and ability to dribble off balance are his biggest strengths. He has demonstrated his dribbling ability both in the French Ligue 1 and internationally. In addition to his dribbling, he is also a threat with his crosses and cutback passes near the box after a breakthrough. He’s also only 21 years old, so there’s plenty of room for improvement.

City have identified Dokou as a possible replacement for Riyad Mahrez. Mahrez left City in the summer transfer window to join Saudi Arabia. Mahrez was instrumental in City’s treble last season, but according to local reports, he was unhappy with his lack of opportunities in important games, including missing the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final. As many players do, he opted for a move to Saudi Arabia, where he was offered a higher salary.

Dokou is expected to fill the void left by Mahrez. The role that City has always expected from Mahrez is to dominate one-on-one situations with the opposing defense and create space and opportunities for his teammates. In this respect, Dokou, whose strength lies in his dribbling, can fulfill the same role as Mahrez when he has the ball and is one-on-one with the opposing defense.메이저사이트

It seems that the two clubs just need to resolve their differences over the transfer fee. The Telegraph reports that City are targeting Dokou, saying that “personal terms are not expected to be an issue” and that if City can reach an agreement with Rennes, there should be no stumbling blocks in personal negotiations with Dokou.

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