Kwon Soon-woo, the possibility of going directly to the US Open finals UP… Promoted to 1st place on reserve list

 Korean tennis leader Kwon Soon-woo (107th, Dangjin City Hall) is highly likely to go directly to the finals of the final major tournament of the season, the US Open.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA), which hosts the US Open, announced on the 16th (Korean time) that Riley Opelka (USA), who was on the men’s singles finals list, withdrew due to injury.

As a result, Kwon Soon-woo, who was ranked second in the preliminary list for the finals, moved up to first rank in the preliminary list.

Now, if only one of the players on the list for the finals withdraws, Kwon Soon-woo skips the preliminaries and goes straight to the finals.

Kwon Soon-woo, who suffered a shoulder injury during a tour event in February, devoted himself to recovering from the injury without participating in the tournament. Kwon Soon-woo, who picked the US Open as the stage to return from injury, improved his physical condition and left for Florida, USA, to begin training there early this month.

However, Kwon Soon-woo, who had not been able to compete for a long time due to his injury, had to go through the preliminary rounds to qualify for the US Open.

But a variable has arisen. As the players gave up one or two competitions, Kwon Soon-woo started to have a chance to go directly to the finals.

Kwon Soon-woo, who was originally ranked 5th in the preliminary list, became 3rd in the preliminary list with the withdrawal of Nick Kyrios (92nd, Australia) and Jan Lennart Strup (25th, Germany), followed by Pablo Carreño Busta (124th, Spain) and Opelka gave up the competition and went up to the first place on the reserve list.

If Kwon Soon-woo steps into the US Open finals this time, it will be his 5th appearance in his career and he will challenge to advance to the 3rd round of singles for the first time. His best performance so far is advancing to the second round in 2020 and last year.메이저사이트

Kwon Soon-woo’s best performance in singles throughout major competitions was advancing to the third round, recorded at the 2021 French Open.

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