“I’m going to CBS!” World’s Best OH Lee Woo-jin diligently prepares for the next one

The moment he became the world’s best outside hitter under 19, Lee Woo-jin’s surprise outweighed his joy. He hadn’t even expected to hear his name called.메이저사이트

The Korea Men’s Under-19 National Team (hereafter referred to as the Men’s U19 National Team) returned to Korea at around 17:00 on Thursday through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. The team was greeted with a huge welcome and applause at the arrival hall, as they had just won a bronze medal at the FIVB World Men’s Youth Volleyball Championship 2023 in Argentina from August 2-11. Large banners from the Korea Volleyball Association and the Korea Middle and High School Volleyball Federation greeted the players.

The players were a little embarrassed by the hospitality they received, but they couldn’t hide their joy and pride as they stepped onto Korean soil for the first time in about two weeks. Especially when they were presented with the latest tablet PCs from the Korea Volleyball Association, all the players squealed with delight. Lee Woo-jin was no exception. On the court, he bombards opponents with a charismatic glare, but when he was welcomed, presented with gifts, and reunited with his family, he reverted to his sunny, innocent student self.

After the uplifting ceremony, I spoke with Lee for a moment. “I didn’t expect to place third at all. I’m really happy,” he says, and then smiles shyly as he adds, “I’ve gotten a lot of calls from my teachers and a lot of congratulations from my friends.”

For Lee, the last few days have been a series of unbelievable moments. Not only did he win a bronze medal, 30 years after the 1993 Istanbul Youth Championships, but he was also personally honored by being selected as one of the best seven outside hitters of the tournament.

“I didn’t realize anything while I was in Argentina,” says Lee. Now that I’m back in Korea, I realize we’ve made history,” he said. “I had no idea I was going to win an individual award,” he said, “and I wasn’t prepared for the award ceremony either, so I was surprised when my name was called out of nowhere,” he recalled.

In an interview with The Spike before the tournament, Lee expressed concern about the new rule that prohibits overhand receptions, saying, “I usually receive a lot of receptions with my overhand, but during training, I’ve been making a lot of mistakes by receiving with my underhand.” Coach Kim Jang-bin also expressed some concern, saying, “Lee Woo-jin has been receiving mostly overhand,” but Lee said, “The new rule wasn’t as big a problem as I thought. Fortunately, I think I was able to just do what I was doing,” he said.

“I was physically fit in the beginning of the tournament, so it worked out well, but it was unfortunate that it was a little harder towards the end of the tournament,” she said of her performance. “I don’t see it as a burden, but as a pleasure,” she said of the expectations of volleyball fans who are anticipating the birth of a new golden generation. If I work hard, I’ll be able to live up to their expectations,” she said.

At the end of the interview, Lee Woo-jin said, “The 34th CBS Volleyball National Middle and High School Games will be held in Inje soon. I will rest for about a day and then go back to the team to prepare for the tournament.” He shared his future plans. Despite becoming one of the world’s best outside hitters in the under-19 category, he remains diligent and passionate.

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