MOU with Incheon Mayor’s Sports Association for the Disabled, Big Dream Incheon Chapter

On the 16th, the Incheon Mayor’s Para Sports Association signed a business agreement with the Incheon branch of Big Dream, a division of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, to promote sports for the disabled.

The ceremony was attended by Choi Eui-soon, secretary general of the Mayor’s Sports Association, and Lee Dae-hyung, branch manager of Big Dream Incheon.

The main contents of the agreement include ▲ providing information on sports activities for the disabled and opportunities to participate in cultural events ▲ improving awareness of sports for the disabled and promoting mentoring projects ▲ and supporting volunteer activities.토토사이트

Choi Eui-soon, secretary-general of the Mayor’s Sports Council, said, “Big Dream is playing a big role in supporting the initiative and voluntary social participation activities of youth, who are the future leaders.” “This agreement will be very helpful in improving the awareness and activation of sports for the disabled as well as youth with disabilities.”

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