Kim Min-seo, who broke the prejudice of ‘160cm short’, to the future of women’s handball!

The women’s national handball team is participating in the Olympic Asian qualifiers.

Kim Min-seo, the youngest member of the national team with a height of 160 cm, is growing rapidly and is attracting attention.메이저사이트

I am Moon Young-kyu, a reporter from Hiroshima, Japan.


Kim Min-seo beats the defender and scores with her signature nimble movements.

He is 160 cm tall, short as a player, but demonstrates his offensive power with his long-term, quick movements.

At the age of 19, he is the first member of the adult national team, but he has scored 3 goals since his debut and has been energized by the youngest member of the squad. [Soundbite] Kim Min-seo/Women’s National Handball Representative : “Honestly ,

I wasn’t sure I would make it (adult national team), but it was nice to hear that I was selected, so I thought I should learn a lot.”]

Expectations are also high for the selected coach, Signel.

[Soundbite/Coach of Women’s National Handball Team] : “We need players with different personalities. Kim Min-seo is a young and talented player.”] Kim Min-seo

drew attention by winning the World Youth Championship and MVP last year.

However, due to his short stature, his Pro Rookie of the Year was pushed back to 7th place.

There were many evaluations that his adult stage would be difficult, but Kim Min-seo achieved a turnaround by winning the league rookie king and championship MVP at the same time for the first time ever.

And he is also performing impressively in his first adult national team. [ Soundbite]

Kim Min-seo/National Women’s Handball Representative : “I’ve heard and seen a lot that short players are a bit difficult, but I want to show that even small players can do well.”

, If they beat Japan, they will be confirmed for the 11th consecutive Olympics.

This is KBS News Moon Yeong-gyu from Hiroshima.

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