Villena to marry Spain national team libero: “I want to tie the knot after my best season”

KB Insurance’s foreign player Bijena has predicted his “best season yet.”

Bijena is preparing for the new season in earnest, playing the first set against Hyundai Capital in the 2023 Preseason Men’s Professional Volleyball Tournament at the Danyang National Sports Center on September 19.

Bjena joined KB Insurance in the middle of last season and performed well, scoring 555 points in 20 games with a 54.7 percent offensive success rate. Instead of selecting another foreign player, KB Insurance chose to re-sign him and continue the flow and tone of last season.

“I joined the team and played for the first time this season. “It was great to play with my teammates on the court and feel the team atmosphere. It was fun to see that the players are united as a team. I’m looking forward to it,” she said. “KB Son Hae Bohim chose me, so I have to do well. I was disappointed with my performance last season, and I want to do better for the team this time.”

I’m looking forward to a different performance from last season. This time around, I’m preparing for the season with the team from the beginning, so I need to do better. “Last season, I came in the middle of the season and my body wasn’t ready. I had a very hard season,” she said, adding, “I am confident that this season I will have better fitness and team chemistry. I’m confident that this season I’ll be able to do well from the first round.”

Villena played the European Championships in August and September with the Spanish national team. “I’m tired, but that’s not a bad thing,” he said. “I’m tired, but I’m in great shape. I’m confident that I’m ready because I’ve already built up my body. I’m confident that I’m well prepared because I’ve already built up my body.”

For Bijena, performing this season is even more important. She and her fiancé are getting married after the season. She got engaged to Patricia Javres, a Spanish national volleyball player (libero), this year. Her fiancé is also coming to Korea to play with her for a season.

“I think having my girlfriend here will help me mentally. “She’s a former volleyball player, so she gives me a lot of helpful advice,” she said. I will spend time getting used to the Korean culture and environment. I will also study sports. I want to leave good memories in Korea together. It would be great to get married after the best season.”메이저놀이터

KB Insurance signed Hwang Seung-bin as their new starting setter. “It’s my first time playing with him, but I think he’s a good player. I think he’s especially good at playing in sync,” said Bijena. “There’s still time until the opening. She’s a setter with similar ideas to me, so I think we’ll be able to work well together.”

This is Bijena’s fourth season as an individual. In her rookie season, she played full-time for Korean Air in 2019-20, but was sidelined in 2020-21 due to injury. “I want to show more than what I’ve done in the V-League so far, and I want to make it my best season. I’m actually excited, but I’m also nervous. I really want to do well. I want to help the team do better than last season and go to the playoffs,” he said.

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